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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
Step two: Open the scanning code software against the QR code, then you can get an interlinkage.
Step three: open the link, and then enter Weyes Mobile Phone Official Website.

Scanning the QR code, you can land the mobile phone website
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Quality Control System
In 2007, Shenzhen HORB Tech Development Co., Ltd. passed ISO9001:2008 certification for our high quality electrostatic defensive products, personal protective equipment, cleanroom products, ionizing blowers and electrostatic locators. Our products have passed the test of SGS and CTI. Shenzhen HORB understands the importance of superior quality. Our Quality Control Program is designed to meet the highest standards and to make sure all products you receive are in perfect condition.

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