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One-stop & Turnkey Supplier of ESD & Cleanroom Resources
As a one-stop and turnkey supplier, HORB offers thousands of high quality and cost-effective products, including antistatic ESD series, cleanroom series, ESD test equipment and static elimination equipment. They are covering all security protection and the cleanroom field.
With first-class specialists, innovative technology and 15 years of experience, HORBhas won the highest quality of the brandin the ESD and cleanroom industry, our superior quality products are approbated and satisfied by the world.

ESD Training Service
Also, HORB focus on promoting ESD technology. In order to provide more superior service, HORB has established a branch called “BEST-RESOURCE”, which is enhancing"For more professional expertise" principle to offer static protective technology training and ESD protecting system consulting services. The main service itemsBEST-RESOURCE provided include:
* ESD S20.20 authentication guidance - System authentication counseling
* ESD S20.20 standard training (Chinese & English) - Standard promotion
* ESD professional engineers/ internal auditors training - Public class
* ESD system diagnosis and solutions – Special case diagnosis
* ESD practical technologies and experience - Internal guidance
* ESD professional technicians for your choice - Technique service
* ESD professional technical consulting, ESD trends, international Latest News - Consultants/ ESD professional books and periodicals
* ESD products consultation and resource suppliers - Cost-effective products Recommendation

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