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Cleanroom Sticky Products

Cleanroom Sticky Products

Supply high quality clean room sticky products like sticky mats, cleanroom sticky rollers, washable sticky roller, sticky pad and sticky pen. These sticky products are suitable used for all cleanrooms.

Featured Products
  • Washable Sticky Rollers

    Washable Sticky Rollers

    Applicable to PCB, stainless steel plate, film for dusting.

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  • Cleanroom Sticky Rollers

    Cleanroom Sticky Rollers

    Cleanroom sticky roller’s easy-to-use vacuum sucker eliminates quickly any dirt on floor

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  • Cleanroom Sticky Mats

    Cleanroom Sticky Mats

    Thin sticky sheet, specially treated,economical and practical

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  • Cleanroom Sticky Pen

    Cleanroom Sticky Pen

    Five type optional: higher, high, medium and low adhesive ability and non-sticky

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  • Clean Room Sticky Pad

    Clean Room Sticky Pad

    50 pieces/pad and 10pads/box

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  • Dycem Floor Mats

    Dycem Floor Mats

    Dycem floor mat is the washable polymeric contamination control mat

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  • Sticky Mats

    Sticky Mats

    Material: LDPE,viscosity: low/middle/high

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